Creating and installing a Symantec Linux Agent installation package

You create, download, and install a Linux redistributable installation package that contains the files necessary to install the Symantec Linux Agent on a device.
The proxy settings that you enter on the
Proxy Server Configuration
policy page must match the proxy settings in the environment where the Symantec Linux Agent is installed. If the proxy settings do not match, the installation fails. See:
  1. To create and install a Symantec Linux Agent installation package
  2. In the cloud console, go to
    Settings > Installation Package
  3. On the
    Installation Package
    page, select the following:
    • Operating System
      From the drop-down box, select Linux. The resulting installation package can only be installed on the Linux devices.
    • Device Group
      To select a device group other than
      , press
      , select the group, and then press
      . All devices that enroll with the installation package are added to the selected device group.
    • Installation Type
      Online installation package
      When you run this file, the installation components download and install directly on the device. See:
  4. Press
    Download Package
    The file saves to the default download location of the web browser.
    After you download the installation package, you can directly install the package on a Linux device.
  5. Put the package on a network share, USB device, or other share mechanism.
    If the devices where you want to install the Linux agent are in an isolated network or do not have Internet access, configure a local repository. See:
  6. Install the Linux Agent in one of the following ways:
    If you transferred the package to the Linux device
    1. Navigate to folder location and run the following command to make the
      file executable:
      chmod u+x LinuxInstaller
    2. Run the following command to install the agent:
    If you configured a local repository
    1. Run the following command:
      ./LinuxInstaller – --local-repo <LOCAL Repository URL>
      For example:
      ./LinuxInstaller – --local-repo
    You must run the command as root.
    To view the list of installation options, run
    ./LinuxInstaller -h
  7. To verify the installation, navigate to
    and run
    to confirm that the modules are loaded and daemons are running:
    Symantec Agent for Linux Version: 14.3.450.1000
    Checking Symantec Agent for Linux (CDM) status..
    Daemon status:
    cafagent             running
    sisamdagent          running
    sisidsagent          running
    sisipsagent          running
    Module status:
    sisevt               loaded
    sisap                loaded
    Communication status:
    server connection    success