Enrolling unmanaged devices

After you find unmanaged devices, you can enroll them.
Push enrollment is supported only for Windows devices.
Before you enroll the discovered devices, you must prepare them for push enrollment. See:
  1. To enroll unmanaged devices
  2. n the cloud console, go to
    Devices > Unmanaged Devices
  3. Select the devices that you want to enroll.
  4. To begin enrollment, select
    Push Enroll
  5. Select the Symantec Agent features that you want to add to the client installation package.
    The following conditions and limitations apply:
    • Depending on your subscriptions, the list of features may vary.
    • The Secure Connection features are only supported for Windows 10.
    Push enroll lets you push the Symantec Agent on the devices where no user is logged in. However, the Secure Connection features are installed only after the user logs in to the device and configures their preferences. If multiple users use the same device, these features are installed separately for each user.
  6. By default, the device enrolls to the default group. Select
    to select a different group.
  7. Enter the administrator credentials for the device to enroll. If you enroll multiple devices, you can enter multiple sets of credentials. Check
    Add another set of credentials
    and then press
    until you have entered all of the necessary sets of credentials.
    You do not need to add credentials here for the devices that are managed through mobile device management. The mobile device management configuration provides the appropriate credentials. See:
  8. Press
    Start enrollment
  9. Select
    Push Enroll Status
    to see the enrollment status report. See: