Installation methods for the Symantec Agent

The cloud console gives you several options to install the agent software for
Endpoint Security
onto your devices.
Installation methods for the Symantec Agent
When to use it
Create an installation package to redistribute
Use this method to create a package to use with the software deployment suite of your choice. For example, you can use an Active Directory GPO or the Symantec IT Management Suite.
You can also use the downloaded package to install the agent software directly onto a device.
Invite users
Use this method to invite users through email to enroll their devices with
Endpoint Security
. This email includes a link to download a agent package for direct installation on their devices.
You may prefer this method to enroll the devices of remote users that work from home, or for smaller offices without a deployment suite.
Discover and deploy
Use this method to discover unmanaged devices in your network. You then deploy the agent software to them to install the software and then enroll the device.
You might prefer this method if you have a large number of devices that you first need to identify as unmanaged.
Device discovery is supported for all operating systems. Push enrollment is supported only for Windows devices.
Mobile device management (MDM) deployment
Use this method to configure your mobile device management (MDM) provider to import devices as unmanaged devices. Once the devices appear as unmanaged devices, you can enroll the devices with push enrollment.