Installing the Symantec Agent directly on a device

An online installation package lets you install the client software directly onto a device.
Note that this option can be bandwidth-intensive because the installation package file downloads the installation components from the cloud for every installation.
  1. To install the Symantec Agent directly on a device
  2. In the cloud console, go to
    Settings > Installation Package
  3. Configure the following settings:
    • Under
      Operating System
      , select the operating system for which you want to create the package.
    • (Windows only) Press
      Advanced options
      to configure advanced options, such as installation type or installation folder. Press
    • Under
      Symantec Agent Features
      , select the features that you want to add to the package.
      Note that the protection features are included in the Symantec Agent installation package by default and you cannot add or remove them.
    • Under
      Device Group
      , press
      to select a device group other than
    • Under
      Installation Type
      , select
      Online installation package
  4. Press
    Download Package
    The file
    downloads to the default download location for your browser.
  5. Run
    on your device.
    Running this file downloads installation components and then begins the installation process on your device. If you are asked, allow
    Symantec Endpoint Security
    to make changes to the device. Restart your device as needed.