Inviting users to download and install the Symantec Agent

You can send email to one or more email addresses to invite users to download the client package for installation on their devices.
For example, you may prefer this method for your remote workers or for a smaller branch office that has not implemented a software deployment system.
The email includes a link to each client package that is hosted in the cloud. The users select the link that matches the operating system of their device to download the package. They must then launch the installation. After the installation completes, the device appears in the cloud console under
Managed Devices
  1. To invite users to download and install the Symantec Agent
  2. In the cloud console, go to
    Settings > Installation Package
  3. (Optional) Configure the following settings for the client package:
    If you open the
    Invite Users
    dialog from the
    Managed Devices
    page, you cannot configure the
    Device Group
    Advanced options
    . In this case, the devices are added to the
    device group and the installation is performed with default settings.
  4. ress
    Invite Users
  5. Indicate for which operating systems you want to provide a link.
  6. Select the Symantec Agent features that you want to add to the client package.
    The following conditions and limitations apply:
    • Depending on your subscriptions, the list of features may vary.
    • The Secure Connection features are only supported for Windows 10.
  7. Select
    to add an email address, or a comma-separated list of email addresses. Email addresses can be for distribution lists, or for individual users.
    After you add email addresses, you can edit or remove them.
  8. When the address list is complete, press
    to send an email.
    The email that the users receive includes the instructions to click the links for the operating system of their device. It also instructs them to double-click the downloaded package to begin the installation.
  9. After installation completes, the device appears with other managed devices in
    Devices > Managed Devices