Preparing a redistributable package for use with VMware Workspace ONE

You can deploy the Symantec Agent package with Workspace ONE with the following recommended settings.
  1. To prepare a redistributable package for use with VMware Workspace ONE
  2. Navigate to the package download folder that you created.
  3. Select all files, and then right-click and select
    Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder
    Ensure that the file
    is in the root of the .zip file, and not in a subfolder of the zip file.
  4. In Workspace ONE, create a new application with the following application properties.
    • Supported Processor Architecture:
      32- or 64-bit (depending on the downloaded package type)
    • Supported Models
      : Desktop
    • Application file
      : Select and upload the .zip file that you created.
    • App Uninstall Process
      Custom script type
      : Input
      Uninstall command
      Symantec_Agent_install.exe /UNINSTALL /SILENT
    Deployment Options > How to Install
    • Install Context
      : Device
    • Install Command
      Symantec_Agent_install.exe /SILENT
    • Admin Privileges
      : Yes
    • Device Restart
      : Do not restart
    • Retry Count
      : 0
    Deployment Options > When to Call Installation Complete
    • Identify Application By
      : Defining criteria
      File exists -
      Symantec Endpoint Protection
  5. In Workspace ONE, select the devices to receive the agent package, and then publish the created application to start the deployment.
For detailed instructions on how to use Workspace ONE, consult that product's documentation.