Creating a policy

You can create your own policy, which is based on template policies. A policy template defines the information, configuration fields, and task options available in your policy. See:
  1. To create a policy
  2. Go to
  3. Select the
  4. Press
    Create Policy
    and enter a new policy name.
  5. Press
  6. Select the icon next to the policy template that you want to use.
    • You cannot apply a policy template directly to your devices.
    • Make sure that you select the template revision that you want. There might be multiple templates with the same name but with different revisions. Symantec periodically provides new policy content in the form of new template revisions. The new revisions might include minor changes or sometimes a critical security fix.
    • Currently, you cannot migrate an existing policy to a new template version.
  7. Press
    From the
    page, you configure the new policy's settings and apply the policy to a device group. See: