How devices and device groups inherit policies

Policy inheritance is based on the device group hierarchy.
By default, the following policies are applied to the
SEP 14.2
My Company
device groups:
  • Default System policy
  • Default Intensive Protection policy
  • Default MEM policy
  Child device groups inherit policies from their parent device group. However, you can apply policies directly to child groups or child devices. A child group uses any directly applied policy rather than its parent policy.
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
, you can apply policies directly to child device groups only if you disable inheritance first.
Use the device group hierarchy view to quickly see inherited versus directly applied policies.
  1. To view the device group hierarchy and policy inheritance
  2. Go to
  3. Select the
    Device Groups
  4. Select the page view icon and select
    Hierarchy View
  5. Select the
    My Company
    group to view child groups and devices.
  6. Select any group or device. View the policy details to see which policies are directly applied or inherited.