Updating a policy to a new version

Over time Symantec provides updated policy templates that include policy optimizations or new options.
When a new policy template is available, you use the latest template to create new policies. You can also upgrade any existing policies that use older versions of the policy.
To see when a new policy version is available, check the
list in the cloud console. A visual indicator alerts you that a new version is available.
  1. To update a policy to a new version
  2. On the
    page, you can see the policies that have new versions available. A gift box icon appears next to a policy that can be updated.
    A tooltip on the gift box icon shows details about the available policy update.
  3. Select
    Update Now
    to update the policy. The update creates a new policy.
  4. After the update, you must reapply the policy to the relevant device groups. Select
    Apply Policy
    and choose the device groups.