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policies in
Integrated Cyber Defense Manager

Policies page overview
page contains a list of policies and policy groups. You can create policies and policy groups from this page.
Policies page overview
tab cloud console-based default policies and policies that you create.
A visual indicator next to policy name indicates that a new version is available. A message also appears in the policy when you open it. Symantec recommends that you upgrade policies to gain access to the new security features of the latest policy version.
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Policy Groups
You can create policy groups to apply a set of policies easily to your device groups. Each policy you add to a policy group must have a unique policy type. For example, you cannot add two Deny List policies to the same policy group. See:
For more information, see:
Creating, applying, and managing a policy
  In addition to the default policies that the cloud console provides, you can create your own policies.
Once you create a policy, you apply the policy to a device group.
Steps to create and apply a new policy
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1. Configure the default policy
Endpoint Security
comes with default policies. When you first set up the product, review the settings in the default policies on the
You can also create new policies based on templates rather than using the default policies. See:
2. Apply a policy to a device group
You must apply a policy to a device group for devices to receive the protection. See: