Adding a custom firewall rule in
Symantec Endpoint Security

Symantec Endpoint Security
includes some default rules, but you may need to add a rule to allow or block specific types of traffic. For example, you may want to allow users to access a custom application, or block users from accessing the BitTorrent application.
You should specify both the inbound and the outbound traffic in the rule whenever possible. You do not need to create inbound rules for traffic such as HTTP. The agent uses stateful inspection for TCP traffic. Therefore, it does not need a rule to filter the return traffic that the agents initiate.
Rules must be enabled for the firewall to process them. You can disable a firewall rule if you need to allow specific access to a computer or application.
Rules that you add appear above the rule is selected. For example, if you select a rule in position 10, the added rule appears in position 9. If you hadn't previously selected, the rule appears at the top of the list. See:
  1. To add a custom firewall rule in
    Symantec Endpoint Security
  2. On the
    tab, go to
    , and add a new Firewall policy.
  3. Under
    Firewall Rules
    , select
  4. On the
    page, enter a rule name, whether to allow or block the connection, and select
  5. Fill out the options on each dialog box, and then select
  6. Update the existing policy or apply the new policy to the device group.