Excluding a file from antimalware scans and other
Symantec Endpoint Security

In Allow List policies for
Symantec Endpoint Security
, you can choose to limit an Allow List exception for file names to certain
Endpoint Security
technologies. This choice applies to Windows and Linux devices only. If you run an application that writes many temp files to a folder, you can exclude the folder from Auto-Protect. Auto-Protect scans files as they are written so you can increase computer performance by limiting the exception to scheduled and on-demand scans. You can also exclude the folders that are not often used or that contain archived or packed files from scheduled and on-demand scans. For example, scheduled or on-demand scans of deeply archived files that are not often used might decrease computer performance. Auto-Protect still protects the folder by scanning only when any files are accessed or written to the folder.
You can also exclude a file name exception from Tamper Protection or Behavioral Analysis. See: