Making sure the client gets content and upgraded

Device Security Status
widget and
Device Integrity KPI
  show client health and number of devices with outdated definitions. The System policy (not the 14 policy) provides configuration options. You can view the following information:
  • The status of your client-to-cloud connection.
  • Protection is enabled on all devices, including a count of which devices are at risk.
    You respond to any alerts and mitigate any clients that are not running the complete protection stack.
The System policy helps you manage agent health and configure the policies that ensure proper operation of the Symantec Agent.
After you configure these key operational settings once, you should not need to configure them again. These settings include: proxy server settings, LiveUpdate scheduling, client restart settings, and client upgrade settings.
  1. To configure settings for content and upgrades
  2. Go to
    System Policy
  3. Next to any of the group box labels, select
    Show Advanced
    to see what settings you can configure. See:
  4. Save the policy and apply it to a group.