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Symantec Endpoint Security
is updated with new features and fixes on a monthly basis. For information about previous releases, see:
November 2021
Feature Area
What's New
Web and Cloud Access Protection (formerly Traffic Redirection)
The Traffic Redirection policy is now replaced with the Web and Cloud Access Protection policy:
  • The policy type and related filter are updated to match the revised policy name.
  • The redirection methods are now updated to make them available for cloud managed SEP agents:
    • The Web Traffic option is renamed to PAC File but the functionality remains the same.
    • The Full Traffic option is replaced with Tunnel and manages the new integrated WSS component.
      • Existing reconnect and bypass settings are removed. Agent follows the WSS policies.
    • The redirection methods are now at parity with SEPM.
    • The related quick setup my task, steps, and the introduction video are updated.
Language Support
Administrators are now able to select a language for reports and alerts in ICDm. The option is available on the
Settings > Language Selection
Reports are now available in the following languages: Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and Spanish.
Added new language support in ICDm for Traditional and Simplified Chinese.
Roles and Administrators
Administrators are now able to control access within the domain by creating custom roles that have limited access to groups and devices. A subset of administrators can be allowed to manage only a set of device groups in the environment.
The Groups option is available on the
Settings > Administrators and Roles
page, in the
Create Role
window. For more information, see:
Added the following improvements to the
Unmanaged Devices
  • New custom filter options.
  • Filters now appear in alphabetical order.
  • User interface distinguishes sortable from non-sortable pages.
  • New
    Enrollment Status
    column replaces the
    Push Enroll Status
  • Added filtering and search capabilities for OS version and IP address.
To help customers select the right discovery agent, the
Select Discovery Agents
dialog box now shows new columns for
IPv4 Address
Last Updated
SOARs can now correlate behaviors and other indicators in the customer's environment by searching the event store. Customers can view the events in their SIEMs.
  • Public API that operates similar to this search  except that it also includes FDR events
  • Support query event by time range
  • Support Lucene query for event filtering
  • Streaming event export API (preview)
Customers can see the
Enriched Data Extra Numeric Info
Enriched Data Extra String Info
sections in tabular format with key and value in the event details flyout.
Customers using SOAR, SIEM, or other tools can now quarantine files on managed devices using the public API.
Lineage service now connects the injected actor in the same incident lineage. For more information, see:
November 2021: Symantec Agent and App updates
Agent and app
What's New
SEP Mobile app for iOS
The SEP Mobile app for iOS has been updated with the following releases and updates:
  • iOS 6.6.5
    • Fixed an infield app issue.
    • WSS now communicates detailed states to the management console.
  • iOS 6.6.6
    • Improved WSS compatibility with the Per App VPN support.
  • iOS 6.6.7
    • Improved suspicious WiFi reputation service.
    • Addressed an iCloud backup and restore issue for the supported UEMs.
  • iOS 6.6.8
    • Addressed an app crash issue with Intune MAM.
  • iOS 6.6.9
    • Addressed app crash issues during end-user device enrollment on versions 6.6.7 and 6.6.8.
    • Background app refresh permission support is now included.
SEP Mobile app for Android
The SEP Mobile app for Android has been updated with the following releases and updates:
  • Android 4.7.2
    • Fixed an intent-based Android security vulnerability.
  • Android 4.7.3
    • Android agent updated to use SEF.mobile for the WiFi reputation.
    • Bug fixes to address SMS filter permission requests and mobile malware details.
    • Feature enhancements for Android 12 readiness.
  • Android 4.7.4
    • Technical upkeep for Google Play compliance.
    • End-user device enrollment flow update for storage-related permission.
    • Fixed an app activation issue on Japanese OS.