Importing a bulk allow list file for file path

Symantec Endpoint Security
, you can create a CSV file with a list of specific file paths. You can then import it into an Allow List policy. After a successful import, the file paths appear in the policy that you select.
  1. To create a bulk allow list file for file path
  2. Create a CSV file.
  3. Add the following values to each new line and separate the values with a comma.
    The first value is the file path. You can use the following formats:
    The second value indicates whether to include subfolders, and can be one of the following values:
    • TRUE
    • FALSE
    The format of the contents of the CSV file should look like the following example:
  4. Save the file with the file extension
The CSV file cannot be larger than 1MB.
You should limit the maximum number of file paths in a single CSV file to 6,000.
To import a bulk allow list file for file path
  1. In the cloud console, go to
    Settings > Deny List and Allow List > Allow List tab > Allowed by Path
    , and press
    Import Allow List File
  2. Select the policy to update.
  3. Press
  4. Press the browse icon and locate the CSV file containing the file paths.
  5. Press
    You see a confirmation message that the file paths are added to the policy.