Viewing the central list

Deny List and Allow List
page contains a central list of all files that are included in a Deny List policy or the Allow List policy.
  1. Viewing files in the central list
  2. Go to
    Settings > Deny List and Allow List.
  3. Select the
    Deny List
    Allow List
    tab to view a listing of files that are associated with the respective policy.
The following table displays the options for each file in a list.
Central list
Artifact Name
An artifact is an element of information that is associated with a file.
Risk is calculated as the file reputation score adjusted based on file prevalence.
A file hash is a unique value that corresponds to the content of the file.
Devices Seen On
Devices Seen On
is calculated as the number of unique devices that the file is present on.
Associated Policy
The name of the policy that the file is associated with.
Name of the signer used to verify the file.
First Seen
The date and time that the files are reported on a device.
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