Checking the status of your Symantec product subscription

You can check the current status of your subscriptions at any time. You can find out when a subscription will expire, whether it includes enough licenses to cover all of the devices you need to protect, and more.
Symantec Endpoint Security Enterprise or Symantec Endpoint Security Complete checks license compliance every 24 hours.
Devices with an expired license do not download updated content and are therefore not completely protected.
  1. To check the status of a subscription
  2. Go to 
    All of your product subscriptions are listed along with their current status (compliant, expiring, or expired).
  3. For detailed information, select a product subscription. A flyout modal appears with details.
    In the product subscription modal, you can see the total number of seats as well as seat usage in the KPI bar. Use the tabs for usage details, licenses, and license groups to get more information.
    • Usage
      Shows all the domains that use this product subscription and how many seats are used.
    • Licenses
      Shows all the licenses (serial numbers) that are associated with this product subscription as well as information about the number of seats and the status of each license.
    • Licensed Groups
      Shows all of the device groups that use this product subscription as well as the number of devices and policies that are associated with each group.