Purchasing and renewing subscriptions in Symantec Endpoint Security

You need a valid subscription to use either Symantec Endpoint Security Enterprise or Symantec Endpoint Security Complete. A subscription covers the number of days the product can be used and the number of devices that can be protected.
You can see the expiration date and available device licenses for any subscription on the details page for the subscription. License compliance is checked every 24 hours.
Some customers can request a trial subscription. After the trial period ends, you purchase a paid subscription to continue using the product.
Purchasing a subscription
You purchase a Symantec product subscription from a Broadcom partner.
A subscription contains a specified number of licenses, or seats. You need one license for each device. For example, to protect 4 devices, your subscription must include at least 4 available licenses. You can keep track of license usage on the subscription details page.
Renewing a subscription
When your current subscription is about to expire, the product sends expiration notifications to the administrator. Symantec highly recommends that you renew your subscription before it expires.
You purchase a renewal from the same Broadcom partner that you used to purchase the original subscription. Make sure that your partner places the renewal under your existing site id so that the renewal gets provisioned correctly. Share the following information with your partner:
  • Current Site ID
  • Email address used in the previous order
  • Account ID
Otherwise, you end up with multiple tenants, multiple accounts, and multiple subscriptions with a separate expiration dates. You may also need to reinstall the Symantec Agent using the new tenant.
To view your existing subscriptions, sign into your Broadcom Support Portal account.
If you used SES before April 2020 and you renew or purchase additional Endpoint Security subscriptions, a new tenant may have been created accidently. If this is your situation, open a support case for
and provide the following details from your original purchase order: Original Org ID (From), Site ID (From), Targeted Org ID (Retained), Site ID (Retained). The Global Customer Assistance group transfers the new subscription and tenant to the existing subscription and tenant for you.
Broadcom can only transfer active subscriptions, not expired subscriptions. After the licenses are transferred from one tenant to another tenant, current configuration and policies of the original tenant are lost. Broadcom cannot roll back the license and tenant transfer changes once the request is completed.