Installing root certificates

Manually download the root certificates for all of the below mentioned sites and add them to the LocalComputer\Trusted Root Certification Authorities.
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  1. To export the certificate
  2. Open Firefox browser and type the name of the site in the address bar from where you want to export the certificate.
  3. Press the lock icon in the address bar.
  4. Press
    next to site name and then press
    More Information
    Options may vary based on the browser used.
  5. In the
    tab, press
    View Certificate
  6. In the
    tab, select the certificate that you want to export and then press
  7. Save the file in your local machine.
To import the certificate
  1. Open
    Internet Explorer > Settings > Internet Options > Content > Certificates
  2. Select
    Trusted Root Certification Authorities
  3. If the required certificate is missing, press
  4. Press
    , click
    , and then select the file that you have exported earlier.
  5. Press
    . Make sure that the
    Place all certificates in the following store
    option is selected.
  6. Press
  7. In the
    Select Certificate Store
    dialog, check
    Show physical stores
    and select
    Trusted Root Certification Authorities > Local Computer
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