Subscription data sharing between on-premise and cloud enterprise licensing applications

The licensing and distribution data for on-premise applications is stored separately than data for cloud enterprise applications. Since the cloud console is available for existing
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
customers, customer licensing details need to be maintained in the cloud licensing system as well. This is achieved by pulling subscription-related details from the Oracle system and storing them under a secured location. When an existing customer starts the cloud console onboarding process, the respective subscription is created in the cloud licensing system using the pre-fetched details. These details may include, but are not restricted to:
  • Maintenance Serial Number
  • Serial Number
  • Bill To Customer Name
  •   End User Address
  • Renewal Contact Phone
  • End User City
  • End User State
  • End User Country
  • End User Postal Code
  • Email Address (business or personal)