Troubleshooting Application Isolation issues

Use the following check list to troubleshoot Application Isolation issues:
Step 1: Check to make sure that Application Isolation is running on your devices.
Check for issues with the client connectivity, common agent framework (CAF), and proxy issues. See:
Step 2: Devices must be entitled to run Application Isolation.
When you get a subscription for Application Isolation, you get a specific number of licenses to run on your devices. You select which devices or device groups use Application Isolation. Other devices do not use the feature.
Step 3: Application discovery must run before applications appear in the console.
When you first use Application Isolation, you might not see applications on the
Discovered Items > Applications
tab. If you do not see applications in the list, wait for the discovery service to run initially.
The discovery service then runs periodically. You might need to wait for new applications to appear.
Application discovery runs only on the devices that use Application Isolation or Application Control.
Step 4: Make sure that policy content is updated.
Make sure that your isolation policies are updated to use the latest content from Symantec.
  1. To make sure that isolation policy content is updated
  2. Go to
  3. On the
    tab, check for any warning icons in the
  4. Open a policy with a warning icon, and on the
    tab, select
    Upgrade this policy
Step 5: Make sure that you use a Platform Isolation policy.
Application Isolation requires you to use a Platform Isolation policy. You should not remove the policy while you run any browser isolation or application isolation policies on your devices. See: