Migrating the
Symantec Endpoint Protection
clients from on-premises managed to cloud-managed

You can convert your
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
Symantec Endpoint Protection
clients to cloud-managed Symantec Agents in several ways. You convert your clients as part of an migration to
Symantec Endpoint Security
. Once you upgrade, you can fully manage all agents in the cloud with imported policies from
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
. See:
Management conversion methods
Run the
Switch to Cloud Managed
command on hybrid-managed device groups
You enroll the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager domain in the cloud and sync the device groups. Then run the
Switch to Cloud Managed
command on each group.
Install a package from
Symantec Endpoint Security
You create a package on the cloud console and install it on any device that you want to manage with the cloud. You do not need to uninstall the agent first if version 12.1.6 MP5 or later is already installed.
You can also install this package over the same Symantec Agent version to convert it to cloud-managed. See:
Import a Host Integrity policy
You create and upload a Symantec Agent package to a web server. Then import a Host Integrity policy with a custom requirement that installs and the Symantec Agent on the Symantec Endpoint Protection client devices. See:
Converting a Symantec Endpoint Protection managed client to a cloud-managed Symantec Agent using Host Integrity
Use the command-line smc
You can use the Symantec Management Client (smc) service with a switch to convert an existing
Symantec Endpoint Protection
14.3 MP1 (14.3.1169.0100) or later client to cloud-managed. This process requires an installation package from the cloud, but completes without a need to restart the computer. See:
Use a REST API command
You can use the following REST API command:
You can target specific groups or agents. See:
For more information, see:
You can also perform a fresh installation on the devices.