Applying or reapplying policy to a scanner group

Before you create a scanner group, ensure that you have created the policy. You can apply the policy while creating the scanner group. Scanner group cannot exist without the policy.
You can create the policy in the
Policies > SPE Policies
If you want to replace an existing policy of a scanner group, you must create a new policy first and then apply it to the scanner group. You can also edit the existing policy. After the policy is edited and saved, new version of the policy is saved. You must apply this new version of the policy again to the scanner group.
  1. To apply a policy to a scanner group
  2. In the centralized console, navigate to either of the workspaces:
    • Storage > Scanner Groups
    • Policies > SPE policies
  3. Click the actions menu icon (three vertical dots) at the right side of the row and select "Apply Policy".