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Advanced Authentication

Protect mobile and web applications from inappropriate access and online identity fraud without impacting the user experience.


An Information management service that provides a consistent way to name, describe, locate, access, manage and secure information about people, resources and systems.

Identity Governance

Protects identity and access governance, including entitlement certification and role management.

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

Symantec IGA delivers comprehensive access governance and management capabilities through an easy-to-use, business-oriented interface.

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Connectors

Acts as a gateway between the Identity Manager Server and the target endpoint system.

Identity Manager

Delivers user provisioning and user management solution that manages users entire identity lifecycle.

Identity Portal

A web-based identity and access management application for business users.

Privileged Access Manager

An automated solution that enables centralized management of local and remote high-risk users in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Privileged Access Manager Hotfixes

A reference for updates to the Privileged Access Manager software.

Privileged Access Manager Server Control

A system-level, host-based solution that controls, monitors, and audits privileged user activity.

Privileged Identity Manager

Provides all aspects of privileged user management, including fine-grained authorization for OS level access, shared account management, and user activity reporting.

Product Usage Reporter

A tool for collecting and sending product usage metrics.

Single Sign on Agent for Sharepoint

Protect your SharePoint resources using a SiteMinder agent.

SiteMinder (Formerly CA Single Sign-On)

A modern and unified access management platform that includes policy-based user authentication and authorization, single sign-on, and identity federation.

SiteMinder Federation Standalone

Secure single sign-on and single logout across a network of trusted business partners.


Protect your employees and customers against account takeover with multi-factor, risk-based authentication.