Deploy Custom Code

You can deploy custom code to use with Identity Manager to implement your business logic. Use the following recommended procedures to deploy your custom code and jars by placing the them in the following locations:
  • If the class is packaged as a jar file, then you need to place your jar file in the following directory: user_console.war\web-inf\lib
  • If the class file is not packaged as a jar file, place your class under its respective package folder structure in the following directory:
  • For the previous example, it will be in the following location (
    The classes folder will be created by executing the patch): user_console.war\web-inf\classes\com\ca\px\<class name> 
  • If your Identity Manager server is clustered, then the class file should be deployed in any node of your cluster.
  • If your custom code references a custom jar, then you need to place the custom classes in the classes directory, and the jars it references in the following location: user_console.war\web-inf\lib
The custom folder, located in iam_im.ear, pertains only to code related to Business logic task handlers (BLTHs) and EventListeners. There is no change to other custom code deployments that involve Business logic task handlers (BLTHs) and EventListeners.For VApp deployments, install this patch: HF-IDM-USERCONSOLE-CLASSES.tgz.gpg
The patch can be installed for any Identity Manager version, using the following format:
Where xx is the version you are patching. For example, to use the patch for version 14.1.0, use patch_vapp HF-IDM-USERCONSOLE-CLASSES.tgz.gpg 14.1.0.
For 14.3 and later VApp deployments, use patch HF-IDM-USERCONSOLE-CLASSES-2.tgz.gpg.