Virtual Appliance

Virtual Appliance to install and deploy Symantec IGA components and their associated services.
The Virtual Appliance (vApp) lets you install and deploy Identity Management and Governance products and their associated services quickly with minimal effort. The vApp image is provided in an Open Virtualization Architecture (OVA) format that is compatible with modern Virtualization platforms (See Platform Support Matrix).
The vApp features a flexible and modular design that provides multiple environment types (Demo, Development, Staging, and Production) and support for High Availability (HA). The vApp is based on Linux, using WildFly as the application server and Oracle (Express Edition) as an embedded database. The embedded database is applicable to the non-production environments only.
The vApp includes the following additional features:
  • Web-based interface allows configuration, administration, and monitoring
  • Proxy server provides load-balancing and high-availability for the web applications
  • Easy installation of Windows-based tools such as Workpoint Designer and Connector Xpress
  • Easy access to logs of all components
The vApp lets you install and deploy the following components and services of CA Identity Suite:
  • CA Identity Manager
  • CA Identity Governance
  • CA Identity Portal
  • CA Directory
  • CA Identity Manager Provisioning Server
  • CA Identity Manager Connector Server
  • Oracle database 11g Express Edition