Deploying Redundant System Without Starting Any Services

Virtual Appliance can perform a deployment without starting services. The deployment is controlled by a flag file on the file system (/opt/CA/VirtualAppliance/custom/dr_enabled) which must have a single line with value "TRUE".
Virtual Appliance can be deployed without starting any services.
To deploy the Virtual Appliance without starting any services, you must create
file at
location and add a single line
to the file.
This functionality is relevant for Disaster Recovery sites, which serve as a "hot-standby" for a primary site, with the following assumptions:
  • All the Virtual Appliance servers are part of the same cluster.
  • The
    files must be created only on the new servers that will be used for disaster recovery, and not on the existing primary server.
  • The following components in the Disaster Recovery site are continuously replicated from the primary site:
    • User Store
    • Provisioning Directory
    • Database (external implementation by the customer or Services)
  • When
    is set to
    , none of the following database-dependent services will run on the Database Recovery servers, therefore the Database Recovery servers are essentially in a standby mode.
    • CA Identity Manager
    • CA Identity Governance
    • CA Identity Portal
  • While in standby mode, the Disaster Recovery servers will not be able to write to the database.
  • The database-dependent services on the Disaster Recovery site start
    when the Disaster Recovery site goes LIVE.