Platform Support Matrix

This article details the platform support matrix for the Virtual Appliance:
This article details the platform support matrix for the Virtual Appliance:
Supported Virtualization Platforms
  • On-Premise Platforms
    The Virtual Appliance virtual machine image is provided in an “OVA” format which is certified with the following Virtualization platforms:
    • VMware ESXi v5.5.x, VMware ESXi v6.x
    • VMware Workstation v8, v9, v10, v11, and v12
    • VMware Fusion v7.x and v8.x
  • Cloud Platforms
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Microsoft Azure
Supported User Store
Virtual Appliance supports
Out-of-the-box Directory
only as the User Store.
Supported Web Clients (Browsers) – Virtual Appliance Web Interface
Browser Version
Mozilla Firefox 48 and above
On Windows Desktop OS
Chrome - All versions
On Windows Desktop OS
Safari 9.1 and above
On Mac OS
Supported External Databases
The Virtual Appliance supports the following types of external databases:
Database Type
Microsoft SQL Server
According to the support matrix of the underlying products:
Oracle Database
The Virtual Appliance deployment process automatically populates the database tables for the products, and it is the sole responsibility of the administrator to create the databases/schemas with proper privileges as described in the
Prerequisites for external database integration
Readme file on the Virtual Appliance Web Interface (referenced under both the help page and database configuration page).
For information about the database privileges required for each point-products, refer to the following links: