This content provides information about the hotfix.
Resolved Issue
This hotfix resolves the following issue:
  • Errors occur after upgrading to 3.3: "Can't accept SSL cert on PAM 3.3" and "Cannot decide Access type" (Internal defect ID: DE439635).
Do the following tasks before installing this patch:
  • Verify that your 
    Symantec Privileged Access Manager
     environment is at 3.3.1
    You can install this hotfix regardless of any other 3.3.1.xx hotfixes that you may have applied.
  • Download CAPAM_
    .p.zip from the 
    Symantec Privileged Access Manager
     Solutions and Patches
  • Extract the hotfix binary, CAPAM_
Install the Hotfix
The hotfix should take less than a minute to install on each server.
Installing this hotfix does not require you to restart your cluster (if applicable) or cause a reboot of PAM Servers.
Do the following steps before you install the hotfix:
  • To prevent logins to 
    Symantec Privileged Access Manager
     during configuration changes, turn on Maintenance Mode. Maintenance Mode is not required, but it stops disruptions from user activity.
    To enable Maintenance Mode:
    1. Select Configuration, Diagnostics, System.
    2. On the Modes page, turn on Maintenance Mode.
Follow these steps on 
each server
 in your environment (including all nodes in a cluster):
  1. Log in to the UI as an administrator with Global Administrator permissions.
  2. Navigate to 
    Configuration, Upgrade
  3. On the Patches page, select 
    Choose File 
    and browse to the location of the patch file on your local system.
  4. Select
     Upload and Apply
    During the upload, you might temporarily see a blank page. The hotfix gets installed.
  5. Verify that the hotfix installation is successful. Look for a message at the top of the page that indicates upgrade success. Also, ensure the 
    Upgrade History
     lists the patch and the date and time it was applied. If you do not see this information, contact 
    Broadcom Support
     for further instructions.
  6. Log out from the UI.
  7. Log back in to the UI and verify that you can access devices on the Access page.
After you successfully apply this hotfix, complete the following steps:
  1. If applicable, turn off Maintenance Mode.
  2. Instruct all users who connect to the appliance through a browser to clear their Java caches before they log in again.