Schedule Password Updates and Verifications

For synchronized target accounts, you can schedule:
For synchronized target accounts, you can schedule:
  • Regular password updates: Scheduled password updates use automatically generated passwords that conform to your specified password composition policies. If the passwords in the appliance database and at the remote target match, the scheduled job updates both passwords.
  • Password verifications: Verifications ensure whether passwords are in sync.
For password updates or verifications, you can schedule jobs on a per account basis or per target group basis. When a job is scheduled for a group, the appliance performs the update or verification on each synchronized target accounts in that group. If a single update or verification fails, the job status is marked as failed. However, the job continues to process the remaining updates or verifications.
This topic explains how to:
Schedule an Update or Verification
Follow these steps:
  1. Select
    Credential, Manage Targets
    Scheduled Jobs
  2. Select
    The Add Scheduled Job page appears.
  3. Enter the
    Job Name
    . Use a text description for the job, up to 80 characters long.
  4. Select the
    for the initial job run.
  5. In the
    field, select the frequency.
  6. On the
    Account Details
    tab, select one of the following entries from the
    drop-down list:
    • Update Target Account Password
      for password updates
    • Verify Account Password
      for password verification.
  7. Select whether you want this job to apply to a target group or individual account.
  8. Specify either the target group or individual target account for this job.
    Account updates or verifications proceed sequentially within a job. However, scheduled jobs can run concurrently. Therefore, having more jobs that are shorter performs better and faster than having fewer jobs that are long.
  9. For the "Update Target Account Password" command:
    • Select whether Credential Manager generates the new password. If you select No, extra fields appear so you can supply the new password.
    • For Credential Manager generated passwords, select whether to apply the same new password to all accounts in the group.
  10. Select
View the Progress of Scheduled Jobs
To view the status of scheduled jobs, generate the Scheduled Jobs Report. See Generating Reports.