Credential Manager Activities List

Credential Manager Activities List
The Credential Manager Activities page provides a set of predefined metrics to monitor system activity. Administrators with appropriate permissions can change Configure Credential Manager Settings and can apply those changes globally. Global changes affect all users of the product. Individual users can configure their own Activities list here.
Follow these steps:
  1. Select 
    The Credential Manager Activities page appears. If you have not changed them, the default items from the Settings, Credential Manager page are listed.
  2. Select the 
     button to change the items that are listed.
    The Credential Manager Activities Settings window appears.
  3. To add a new item to the Credential Manager Activities Settings list, follow these steps:
    1. Select the Plus icon. The Item Name window appears.
    2. Select one or more entries from the list of available activity items.
    3. Select 
      . The Item Name windows closes.
  4. To remove an entry from the Activities list, select the 
  5. To reposition a list item, select the item and use the Up or the Down arrow.
  6. To set a threshold limit that activates a warning icon in the Activities list, enter a value in the Threshold field. For example, a threshold value of 5 for Passwords Not Verified causes a warning icon to appear in the Activities List page when the number of unverified passwords reaches 5.
  7. Select 
    to save.