Generate Credential Manager Reports

Describes how to generate Credential Manager reports.
You can generate various reports on demand on the Reports page. Audit, metric, and event data can be archived through the CLI.
The size of a report is governed by a Credential Manager setting. To set the size limit, see Schedule Credential Manager Reports
To view Credential Manager PDF format reports in Japanese, install the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 
Follow these steps:
  1. Select 
    The Reports page appears.
  2. Select the report to generate, for example, Administrative Activities, and select 
     For descriptions of the reports, see Available Credential Manager Reports.
    The relevant Report window appears.
  3. If applicable, select a Quick Date range, or enter the Start and End Dates for the report. Reports cover the period from 00:00:00 (midnight) of the start day to 23:59:59 of the end day.
  4. Specify any additional parameters, including filters, that are specific for your report. 
  5. Select the Output Format type (HTML, CSV, or PDF).
  6. Select 
    to run the report.
    The report displays in a new browser window.
    Your Web browser might first ask you to allow the report to be displayed, or might notify you that pop-ups are blocked.