Upload Patches to the Console

To upload a patch, locate the patch (for example, on the CA website) and download it to your local computer. Follow these steps to upload the patch:
The Management Console enables you to manage the upgrading of remote clusters and instances of 
Privileged Access Manager
. On the Patches page, you upload patches and upgrades to the Management Console for later distribution to your managed clusters for staging.
To upload a patch, locate the 
Privileged Access Manager
 patch (for example, on the CA website) and download it to your local computer. Follow these steps to upload the patch:
  1. On the 
     page, select the 
  2. Select 
    Choose File 
    to browse to the file, and select 
     to upload it. The 
     is the patch name.
    When a patch is uploaded to the Management Console inventory, its checksum is validated.
  3. Metadata is read from the uploaded archive, and its display is read-only. These properties appear once a patch is uploaded:
      Patch ID 
      identifies the patch, and can include the precise version number.
      Patch File 
      is the file name of the patch.
      is presented for your validation. The hash is validated upon uploading it.
      is specified by rounding up to the next MB.
      Min Level 
      is the lowest version number that accepts this patch.
      Max Level
       is the highest version number that accepts this patch.
      Patch Type:
       Upgrade or Hotfix is indicated.
      Reboot Type:
       Member or Cluster, both, or neither are shown.
  4. The optional 
     section is intended for the Management Console operator to record how long the patch takes to execute, and any notes.
       (in minutes)
      Select the Archived checkbox to prevent the patch from being listed as a Compatible Patch in the Stage Patch Task window. Archiving allows current tasks to continue without the risks of deleting the patch, while preventing further distribution. You can return an archived patch to active duty by clearing this checkbox.
  5. Click 
     to save.
 button allows you to edit the Duration, Notes, and Archived attributes. All other Patch information is read-only. Select the row of the patch to edit, and select 
 page lists each uploaded patch with its required information and any optional information that was provided. The following columns are displayed for each uploaded patch. This information is the same that is available during Add or Update. The Requires column combines the Min Level and Max Level fields. The Outage column displays the same information as Reboot Type. 
  • Patch ID
  • Upload Date
  • Size
  • Requires
  • Outage
  • Duration
  • Notes
  • Archived