Set Up Email for Monitoring

To set these parameters, follow these steps:
Configure the general monitor parameters that
Privileged Access Manager
uses to send alert emails.
DNS must be configured in
Configuration, Network,
and working for the monitoring function to run.
To set these parameters, follow these steps:
  1. Go to
    Configuration, Monitor
  2. Enter an email address for the
    Privileged Access Manager
    administrator in
    Admin Email
    . Consider a role account to allow multiple recipients.
  3. Enter the
    SMTP Server
    as an IPv4 address or an FQDN host.
  4. Enter a valid email address as the
    Appliance From Address
    . This address appears as the “From” field of any 
    Privileged Access Manager
    monitoring email.
    A trailing or leading space also causes an error.
  5. Select a value, in seconds for the
    Re-check Time
    to check for alerts.
  6. Enter an FQDN in
    DNS Test Query
    to test that DNS is available and operating correctly.
  7. To start the monitor, select the
    1. Select 
      Start at boot
      to start the monitor when 
      Privileged Access Manager
      boots up. Select 
      to save that setting.
    2. Select 
      to start the monitor immediately.
    3. Select 
      to stop the monitor immediately.
    The read-only
    checkbox indicates whether the monitor is running.