Upgrade PAM to the current version.
To upgrade
Privileged Access Manager
to version 3.4, follow the appropriate path in the following illustration (starting from the software version that you are currently running):
Diagram showing the upgrade paths to get to 3.4
We recommend that you test the upgrade in a non-production environment before you upgrade your production environment.
Detailed Upgrade Paths
This section describes paths to take to upgrade to release 3.4.
Upgrade from Releases Earlier Than 3.2
If your deployment is running a PAM version earlier than 3.2, first follow the procedures outlined in the 3.2 documentation to get up to release 3.2, the lowest starting point for upgrades to 3.4 included in this documentation:
Upgrade from Release 3.2 through 3.2.5
If you are at release 3.2 through 3.2.4, upgrade to 3.2.5, then upgrade to 3.3.1, and finally upgrade to 3.4 as shown in the following graphic:
Diagram illustrating the upgrade path to 3.3.2 from 3.2.2 through 3.2.6
Upgrade from Release 3.2.6
If you are at release 3.2.6, upgrade to 3.3.1 and then upgrade to 3.4 as shown in the following graphic:
Upgrade from Release 3.2.7
If you are at release 3.2.7, upgrade to 3.3.2 and then upgrade to 3.4 as shown in the following graphic:
Upgrade from Releases 3.3 through 3.3.2
If you are at release 3.3, 3.3.1, or 3.3.2, upgrade directly to 3.4 as shown in the following graphic:
Upgrades and FIPS Mode Operation
To maintain FIPS mode operation or apply FIPS as part of an upgrade, note the following information:
  • If
    is already operating in FIPS mode, when you upgrade to a newer release, the appliance remains in FIPS mode.
  • If
    is not in FIPS mode, you can upgrade to a release that can operate in FIPS mode. Contact Broadcom Support for the necessary software.
More Upgrade Information
For more information about upgrading, see the following topics: