Use Platform for Privacy Preferences Compact Policies with Agents

How to Support a P3P Compact Policy with your
CA Single Sign-On
Web Agent
CA Single Sign-On
supports P3P Compact policies on all types of Web Agents,
for the Domino agent.
For more information about P3P, see the P3P page of the World Wide Web Consortium web site.
To configure your Web Agent to support a P3P Compact policy, use the following process:
  1. Configure a P3P Compact policy on your web server.
    For more information, see the documentation provided by your web server vendor.
  2. Configure your Web Agent to accommodate your P3P Compact policy.
Configure your Web Agent to Accommodate P3P Compact Policies
You can determine whether the custom responses from your Web Agent comply with P3P response headers with the following parameter:
Determines whether custom responses comply with the Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P) response headers. P3P compact policies use tokens representing the specific elements from the P3P terminology. If you set the P3PCompactPolicy parameter to the appropriate policy syntax, it ensures that custom responses are set with the correct P3P response header when a P3P compact policy is specified for the Web Agent.
No default
NON DSP COR CURa TAI (these represent: none, disputes, correct, current/always, and tailoring, respectively)
To accommodate P3P compact policies, add an appropriate policy syntax to the P3PCompactPolicy parameter.