Upgrade an Apache-based Agent on Windows

Run the Installation Wizard to Upgrade your Agent on Windows
The installation program for the agent installs the agent on one computer at a time using the Windows operating environment. This installation program can be run in wizard or console modes. The wizard and console-based installation programs also create a .properties file for subsequent installations and configurations using the unattended or silent method with the same settings.
For example, suppose the Agents in your environment use the same web server version, installation directory, Agent Configuration Object and Policy Servers. Use the installation wizard or console-based installation program for your first installation. Afterwards, you could create your own script to run the installation program with the .properties file the wizard or console-based installation program created.
Follow these steps:
  1. Copy the Web Agent installation executable file to a temporary directory on your web server.
  2. Do
    of the following steps:
    • For wizard-based installations, right-click the installation executable file, and then select Run as Administrator.
    • For console-based installations, open a command line window and run the executable as shown in the following example:
      .exe -i console
  3. Use the information that you gathered previously to complete the installation.
Configure your Upgraded Agent on Windows
After gathering the information for your agent configuration, run the agent configuration program. This program creates an agent runtime instance for the web servers running on your computer.
This configuration program is wizard or console based, depending on the option you select. Running the configuration program in the wizard or console mode once creates a properties file. Use the properties file to run unattended configurations on other computers with same operating environment in the future.
Follow these steps:
  1. Open the following directory on your web server:
    • web_agent_home
      Indicates the directory where the 
      CA Single Sign-On
       agent is installed on your web server.
       (Windows 32-bit installations only): C:\Program Files\CA\webagent
       (Windows 64-bit installations only): C:\Program Files\CA\webagent\win64
       (Windows 32-bit applications operating on 64-bit systems [Wow64]): C:\Program Files (x86)\webagent\win32
  2. Use 
    of the following configuration methods:
    • For a GUI-based configuration, go to Step 3.
    • For a console-based configuration, go to Step 5.
  3. Right-click the following executable, and then select Run as Administrator:
  4. Go to Step 8.
  5. Open a Command Prompt window with Administrator privileges.
  6. Navigate to the executable file listed previously, and then run it with the following switch:
    -i console
  7. Go to Step 8.
  8. Follow the prompts shown in the configuration program. Provide the requested values from your agent configuration worksheet.
    The agent runtime instance is created for your web servers.