Configure OneView Monitor Port Numbers

The One View Monitor uses the following default port numbers:
The One View Monitor uses the following default port numbers:
  • 44449: OneView Agent
    When the default port is used, the OneView Agent only listens on that port. If the default port is changed, the One View Agent listens on port you specify,
    connects to the same port on the remote host you specify. For example, if you change the port to 55555, the OneView Agent listens on port 55555,
    connects to port 55555 on the remote host.
  • 44450: OneView Monitor
  • 44447: Listen for communication from the configured Policy Server
  • 44448: Record system events and send them to the event monitor
To change the default port numbers
  1. Open
    /config/conapi.conf file in a text editor.
  2. Change the values of the following OneView Agent properties, as necessary:
  3. Change the value of the following OneView Monitor properties, as necessary:
  4. Save and close the conapi.conf file.
    For more information about the properties in conapi.conf, see the notes in the conapi.conf file.
  5. Restart the OneView Monitor.