Release Notes

Summary of enhancements, fixes, and open issues.
The 12.6.01 documentation includes new documentation for the following updated components:
  • 12.6.01 Policy Server 64-bit - Windows and RedHat Linux
  • 12.6.01 Administrative User Interface - Windows and RedHat Linux. The UI includes an updated version of JBoss (Wildfly).
  • 12.6.01 SDK - Windows and RedHat Linux
  • 12.6.01 Report Server - Windows and RedHat Linux
  • 12.6 
    CA Access Gateway
     - Windows, RedHat Linux, and Solaris
  • 12.6.01 SessionLinker - Windows and RedHat Linux
The Installing and Upgrading sections include content of only the 12.6.01 and 12.6 components. The documentation of Agents reflects the 12.52 SP1 release.
The content in this section provides release information for features, operating system support, installation, known issues, and fixes.