To change the super user password
To change the super user password
  1. Be sure that the Policy Server is running and pointed at a configured policy store.
  2. Be sure that the smreg utility is available in the following location:
    • policy_server_home
      Specifies the Policy Server installation path.
    If the utility is not present, you can find it in the Policy Server installation media available on the Support site.
  3. Run the following command:
    smreg -su
    • password
      Specifies the password for the
      CA Single Sign-On
      super user account.
    Be sure that there is a space between -su and the password.The utility changes the super user account password.
  4. Restart the Administrative UI, and the Policy Servers with which the Administrative UI is associated. This clears the old credentials from the cache in the Administrative UI and sets the new password.
  5. Delete the smreg utility.
    Deleting the utility prevents anyone from changing the super user password.