Changes to Existing Features

The content in this section provides information on changes to existing  features. 
The content in this section provides information on changes to existing 
CA Single Sign-On
Enhanced SecureID HTML Form Template
The user experience of the SecureID HTML Form Template authentication scheme has been enhanced.
CA Single Sign-On
 does not prompt the user to re-enter the username and passcode once the user authentication succeeds in the login page.
Enhanced Web Application Client Response
The Web Application Client Response feature allows configuration of the response format for requests from Web 2.0 resources at global level. This option reduces the need to configure requests/responses at each Web Agent manually. When the incoming headers type and values match the configuration, the web application client receives a response in the mapped XML or JSON format as defined in the configuration. 
Changes to default-fedobjects-config.xml
The default-fedobjects-config.xml file is updated to install the default claims and scopes objects for OpenID Connect besides installing the default OAuth entities.
Deprecated FSS Administrative UI
Starting release 12.7, the FSS Administrative UI is no longer shipped or supported.
If you are performing an in-place upgrade, the
 folder is deleted. If you have any files in that location, we recommend you back it up before upgrading.
If you have configured the FSS UI to the following URL, it will no longer work as the FSS UI is now deprecated:
Policy Server includes SessionLinker Binaries
In this release, Policy Server includes the binaries required by the SessionLinker. You do not need to install SessionLinker separately.
Deprecated TLS 1.0 Settings
CA Access Gateway
, the TLS 1.0 settings are removed from the server.conf and httpd-ssl.conf files to improve secured communication between different channels. However, you can manually add the settings in the files if required.
If you want to upgrade to
CA Single Sign-On
 12.7, we recommend that you remove the TLS 1.0 settings and blacklisted ciphers from the files.