Exporting and importing configuration settings

VIP Enterprise Gateway
, you can use the Export and the Import features to transfer the configuration settings from one instance of
VIP Enterprise Gateway
to another. Typically, this feature helps you maintain identical configuration settings on all
VIP Enterprise Gateway
instances in your environment.
You can use the
option to export the configuration settings to the
VIP Enterprise Gateway
server. The exported configuration settings are saved as a
VIP Enterprise Gateway
provides you the option to encrypt this
file using a password, if required. You also have the option of downloading a checksum file with the exported configuration settings. Provide this checksum file when importing the configuration settings file to verify the integrity of the configuration settings file.
Export Settings exports configuration settings for the following:
  • User Stores
  • Proxies
  • Health Check Settings
  • Registration Email settings
  • Syslog and Common Event Format settings
  • Self Service Portal IdP
  • VIP Manager IdP
  • SMTP Server settings
  • LDAP Directory Synchronization (Export Settings does not export the saved configuration settings file)
  • Automatic Business Continuity
  • LiveUpdate
  • Validation Servers, including Tunnel Forwarders, Tunnel Receivers, and all the Validation servers modes
Export Settings does not export the following:
  • VIP Enterprise Gateway
    Console Settings. You must configure the Console Settings in the new
    VIP Enterprise Gateway
    instance to point to the host where you are importing the configuration settings. For procedure on exporting configuration settings, refer to the
    VIP Enterprise Gateway
    online Help.
  • SSL certificates for the Console, VIP Manager IdP, and SSP IdP. As the
    VIP Enterprise Gateway
    administrator you must create these new certificates on the target
    VIP Enterprise Gateway
    instance if it is to be configured to use HTTPS.