Hardware Diagnostics WebGuide

Troubleshooting and Routine Maintenance Tests for S Series Appliances
If the appliance stops responding, experiences core dumps or kernel crashes, or keeps rebooting for no apparent reasons, it may be necessary to diagnose the appliance. Symantec Hardware Diagnostics verifies the health of appliance components, isolating the appliance from software and setup issues, thereby allowing you to narrow down the source of hardware-related concerns. Tests are performed from CLI and provide: two levels of tests for hardware components, simple pass/fail results (where applicable), and test logs that can be uploaded to Symantec for analysis by support specialists.
This webguide includes the following Hardware Diagnostics topics:

Supported Appliances in Hardware Diagnostics

Appliances that can be tested with Hardware Diagnostics include:
  • S500 Series: ASG-S500, CAS-S500, SG-S500
  • S400 Series: ASG-S400, CAS-S400, MC-S400, MTD-S400
  • S200 Series: ASG-S200, CAS-S200, SG-S200
  • CacheFlow: CF500, CF5000
  • ProxyAV: AV1200, AV1400, AV2400
  • ProxySG: SG300, SG600, SG900, SG9000

Requirements for Hardware Diagnostics

To run Hardware Diagnostics, you need the following:
  • Physical access to the appliance and serial port. If the appliance is equipped with FIPS components, you will need to remove these elements to gain access to the ports before some tests can be run.
  • Serial terminal or workstation with terminal emulation program.
  • Null-modem serial cable.
  • Loopback cables for each network interface card installed in the appliance.
  • Internet connection for uploading test logs to Symantec for analysis by support specialists.