Create and Distribute Configurations Using Scripts

Create commonly used device configurations in a script. After you create the script, you choose to execute the script on a device immediately, or you can create a job. Scripts are collection of CLI commands that are executed in the order shown within the script itself. Scripts are NOT in any type of scripting language. Scripts can be executed on the following devices:
  • Blue Coat
  • Advanced Secure Gateway
  • Content Analysis appliance
  • SSL Visibility 4.x appliance
  • Reporter 10.3 and later
To successfully execute a script on a Content Analysis, Reporter 10.3, or SSLV 4.x appliance, you must specify the device's enable password in the device's connection settings (
Network >
> Edit > Connection Parameters
). See Add a Device for more information.
Add a Script
  1. Select
    Configuration >
    . Click
    Add Script
    • Name
      *—The name displays in the
      Script Object
    • Type
      *—Scripts can be imported from devices and then executed on supported, managed devices.
    • Description
      —Although entering a description is optional, the description helps differentiate versions of the same script. For more information about the script, see View Script Information.
  2. Ensure
    Replace substitution variables
    is selected. See Use Substitution Variables in Policies and Scripts.
  3. Click
    . The new script displays in the
    Script Objects
  4. Select the script and click
    . The
    Management Center
    displays the script
  5. Click 

Next Steps

After you create script object, you can refine it or leave it as an empty object while you perform other tasks (for example, edit script details) or you execute the script now. Refer to the following table to determine the next step to take.
What do you want to accomplish?
Go to
Create a job to execute a script on a schedule
Execute the script now
Compare script versions
Import a script from a managed device
Restore previous version of a script
Customize object filters
View script information
Manage attributes
Filter by attributes and keyword search