Execute Scripts

You can execute any script that is saved in Management Center in the Script Object list. Before executing a script, you can Preview a Script With Variables Replaced. The preview shows the script variables without committing them to a device and inadvertently causing a device configuration to change.
Scripts are automatically assumed to execute in configure mode on the ProxySG appliance. For scripts that use commands not in configure mode, exit configure mode before executing the script. Licensing commands are the exception, and cannot execute in configure mode. Example:
;;exit configure mode
user-license queue
;;re-enter configure mode
configure terminal
Execute a Single Script
Direct from a Script
  1. Select
    Configuration > Scripts
  2. Select a script object and then click
  3. To execute the script, click
    Execute on Device
  4. Select a target device or device group. Click
  5. OR
  6. Select
    and click the
    tab. At times, administrators with the correct privileges want to execute a script immediately after updating a script. While in the rich text editor ensures that all edits have been saved and click
    Execute on Device
    . Select the device
    and click
    Each time that you start a job manually, the
    Management Center
    displays a Job Progress dialog. To run the script in the background (no window) while you perform other tasks, click
    Continue in Background
From a Job Operation
(Optional for all script executions) While the Job Progress dialog displays the script execution, click
more details
  • View the
  • Download as Text
  • Close
    the dialog.