ssl view

View certificate and keyring details and signing request confirmations.


(config)# ssl view ?
<certificate name>
Show CA certificate and content.
ccl <
ca certificate list name
View the details for a specific CA Certificate List.
<keyring id>
Show the certificate that's in the specified keyring.
<keyring id>
Show the RSA private key for the specified keyring.
If the keyring was created with the "showable no" option, the key will not be displayed.
<keyring id>
Show details about the specified keyring, including its certificate and any signing requests.
<keyring id>
View certificate request for the specified keyring.
<context id>
View SSL context configuration.


To view the certificate details for the ca1 certificate:
(config-ssl)# view ca-certificate ca1 Issuer: /C=US/ST=California/L=Sunnyvale/O=Blue Coat/OU=Development/CN=ca.bluecoat/[email protected] Subject: /C=US/ST=California/L=Sunnyvale/O=Blue Coat/OU=Development/CN=ca.bluecoat/[email protected] Valid From: Jan 13 01:32:40 2015 GMT Valid Until: Jan 10 01:32:40 2025 GMT Fingerprint: DB:AF:B1:82:EF:0C:9F:AD:84:F7:D8:35:0A:AA:0B:5D:93:DA:77:A5
To show information about a keyring, in this case called
view keyring sslkey Keyring ID: sslkey Private key showability: no-show Signing request: absent Certificate: present Certificate subject: /C=us/ST=ca/L=pa/O=symantec/OU=marketing/[email protected] Certificate issuer: /C=us/ST=ca/L=pa/O=symantec/OU=marketing/[email protected] Certificate valid from: Jul 21 05:17:51 2017 GMT Certificate valid to: Jul 21 05:17:51 2017 GMT Certificate thumbprint: D7:3A:40:69:1A:D1:C2:77:95:B0:0F:DB:97:55:DE:02:BB:A9:54:00
To view the CA certificates contained in the CA certificate list, bluecoat-licensing:
(config-ssl)# view ccl bluecoat-licensing Name:bluecoat-licensing FIPS compliant: noCertificates
To view the default SSL context:
(config-ssl)# view ssl-context default Name: default Keyring: default CCL: browser-trusted Protocols: tlsv1.2 tlsv1.1 tlsv1 Cipher suites: ecdhe-rsa-aes256-sha dhe-rsa-aes256-sha aes256-sha256 aes256-sha ecdhe-rsa-aes128-gcm-sha256 ecdhe-rsa-aes128-sha256 ecdhe-rsa-aes128-sha dhe-rsa-aes128-sha aes128-sha256 aes128-sha