Management Center REST API

Management Center and later include a new REST API. You can use this API if you want to access
Management Center
without using the UI or want to trigger Management Center operation without using the UI. This REST API has the ability to:
  • Access and raise alerts.
  • View registered devices, device health, and other monitoring variables.
  • View jobs and job execution status.
  • Create, edit, schedule, and execute jobs.
  • Show basic device information like version, disk usage, and name of device.
  • Manage devices using the device CLI or device scripts.
  • Manage policy, including creating new objects, changing the policy content, and installing policy on a device.
  • Manage MC settings, and return system sensors and monitors.
No special policy or licensing is required to use this feature. API activities are recorded in the audit log. 
The information on this page might not include all MC REST API capabilities. For the complete list of API capabilities, refer to the Management Center API documentation included in the system image for your release. For details on accessing the online API documentation, see the Documentation section.


The REST API has the following requirements:
  • JSON is the only supported payload.
  • HTTPS is required to access the API.
  • BASIC authentication and API token are the only supported authentication methods for providing user credentials for the API.


Access the REST API documentation at the following URL:
For example:
You can also access the API documentation here.


Confirm that the user has the proper permissions:
  • REST API permissions (included in default administrator role).
  • Appropriate permissions for the data or operation. For example, the user must have the
    permission if they want to use the Device API to list devices.