Add and Monitor Devices

The Network dashboard (left pane >
) presents data about managed devices and enables you to perform operations on them. Before you can view appliance data, you must add the device to
Management Center
. To import multiple devices, see Add Multiple Devices at Once or Migrate Device Hierarchy from Director to Management Center.
Other actions and considerations:
A — Switch views to view health or licensing device data.
B — Add new device or group. See Add a Device and Add a Device Group.
C — Quickly view device warnings and errors. See Monitor Device Health , Resolve Device Errors , and Web Console Overview for more information.
F — Edit or delete devices. See Edit a Device.
About Hierarchy and Group Views
You require a way to administer and monitor devices in your network, which might be a complex organizational or geographical scheme. In
Management Center
, you can manage the devices in your network within a hierarchical structure.
Management Center
comes with a predefined structure for device management, as follows:
  • Location (Hierarchy)
    • World (Group)
      • France, Canada, Germany, and others (Subgroups)
  • Organization (Hierarchy)
    • Company (Group)
      • Finance, Sales, Legal, and others (Subgroups)
You can use these predefined hierarchies and groups, but if you must organize the devices in your network using different criteria, you can create your own hierarchies and groups. Then, create device groups and subgroups to logically represent the structure of your network. Click the gear icon to view and manage hierarchies. See Configure Hierarchy for Devices and Device Groups.