Retrieve License File from License Server

This topic describes how to retrieve an appliance license file from the Broadcom license server.
File Transfer
job enables you to retrieve an appliance license file from the Broadcom license server. To configure this job, you need the appliance serial number.
To view device license details, see View Device License Information.
  1. Select
    Jobs > Add > New Job
  2. On the
    Add New Job
    page, select
    File Transfer
  3. Configuration
    • Source
      : Select
      License Server
    • License ID
      : Enter the serial number of the appliance. If you are retrieving the file for a managed device, you can view the serial number in the appliance details page (
    • Username
      Enter the username used to access the appliance.
    • Password
      :  Enter the password associated with the username.
    • Passphrase
      :  Optional—If you define a passphrase here, users must enter that passphrase to successfully install the license on any device. Content Analysis devices do not support applying a passphrase to the license.
    • If the file already exists
      : Choose what to do if the file already exists.
  4. Job Results
    • (Optional)—Click
      Email results
      and select the condition. Then, enter the email address(s) of the recipient(s).
  5. Schedule
    Choose to trigger job execution using a Schedule or an Event.
    when you want to run the job now or to execute the job at a specific time.
    • Immediate
      —automatically runs the job after it is created.
    • No Schedule
      —no specific time or day is specified; when you are ready to run the job, use the
      Run Now
      button to execute the job.
    • Run Once Only
      —specify the date and time to run the job.
    • Periodic
      —runs the job every
      number of minutes, hours, or days, starting at the specified time and date.
    • Daily
      —runs the job every day at the specified time.
    • Monthly
      —runs the job once a month on the specified day of the month and specified time of day.
    when you want to trigger the job execution when something happens, such as adding a device to a specific group. You can select one or more of the following events:
    • Device added to Management Center
    • Device added to Group
    • Device removed from Group
    If you select more than one event type, the job runs if
    of the conditions are met and the device is an appropriate target. See the following note.
    If a device cannot be a target for a job (for example, a Content Analysis device in a
    Collect Sysinfo
    job), it is ignored.
  6. Name
    • Verify or change the name and add an optional description.
  7. Click

View License File and Details

To view the downloaded file, go to
Configuration > Files
. To view license details, select the row with the license.