Upgrade/Downgrade Path

Supported SGOS upgrade/downgrade paths.
This upgrade/downgrade path applies to SGOS only. For Advanced Secure Gateway upgrade and downgrade information, refer to the
Advanced Secure Gateway Upgrade/Downgrade Quick Reference
After you determine the your upgrade/downgrade path, read the relevant Release Notes to learn about known issues, fixed issues, limitations, and more about the target release.
Locate your current SGOS release in the diagram. Then, locate the target release.
  • If there are no interim releases between your current and target releases, you can upgrade/downgrade directly to the target release.
  • If there is one or more interim release between your current and target releases, you must upgrade/downgrade to each interim release before you reach the target release.
In some cases, SGOS is a required step for upgrading to version Attempting to upgrade directly to version from version 6.6.x or earlier versions of pre- might result in system image verification errors. Refer to KB article 183563 to determine if this interim upgrade step is required for your appliance.
When downgrading to SGOS from a 6.6.2.x version later than, add an intermediate downgrade step, as follows:
6.6.2.x > >
Downgrading to before downgrading to will prevent a known issue from occurring.

Upgrade path in FIPS mode

If you use FIPS mode on the ProxySG appliance, the upgrade/downgrade path is different from the one outlined above.
To upgrade appliances in FIPS mode, use the following path:
  • or later > or later
To downgrade appliances in FIPS mode, use the following path:
  • or later > or later
SGOS 7.x is not FIPS-certified yet, so you cannot upgrade to version 7.x in FIPS mode.
For more information on FIPS and Common Criteria certifications, refer to
ProxySG in FIPS Mode

Supported platforms

Refer to the following table to determine what SGOS versions your current platform supports, or whether you need to transition to a new platform to upgrade.